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March 21 2017

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July 04 2015

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The most paradoxal thing about this pain is that I don't even want to make it lesser. I want to feel every remaining fragment of it.
Every last piece of her.
— Vincent

June 11 2015

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June 02 2015

You won't let me do anything to help you, you won't let me carry you out of here, nor will you let me warm you here, where you are.
I will stand here then. We'll both freeze and die our lonely lives. But at least my heart will stay pure.
— Vincent

May 19 2015

One thing remains true all along:
I've never loved you this long.
— Vincent

April 15 2015

-I won't die for her in a blink of an eye. I wouldn't devoid her of my protection so carelessly. I'd check every possibility and if my death would be the only choice granting her safety, I'd be ready to die thousandfold.
— Vincent

April 11 2015

-What if the horrible truth will haunt your dreams?
-I think im used to that.
— Vincent

April 06 2015

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Wake up your sorrow, there is no tomorrow in-between the nights.
— Vincent

April 04 2015

Every lonely night I wait. For what I'd be most glad to give. It should be around 2 a.m. To be sure I won't miss it I wait until 3. Well, it's 3:38 now. I really needed it tonight.
A word. From you.
— Vincent
It's the way it's always been. After all, the hypothesis of Gaia seems to apply even to a single life.
He used to think everything will settle as it's meant to by itself. And that this is the way things work.
Every action he took was only a refuse to stop what came to him.
Well, refusing is what he could do.
Frankly, he mastered it at some point.
But there is no thing precious enough to protect by all means that has not been fought for to obtain. And this exactly is what he lived for.
The time to stand for the dream has finally come. Now it's time for him to realise it.
— Vincent

March 28 2015

I do not want to look at someone else in forty years and think I'd rather be in a different place with different life.
I want to look at you and still be sure I live the best life possible.
— Vincent

February 08 2015

Sometimes every choice you can make is bad. But it doesn't matter that you don't have to choose anyway.

i face the choice of pursuing a hopeless love for the Woman, that's been the sole purpose of my life for the past seven years, and a perspective of letting Her go and feeling this pain forever. i choose what i do right now.

Right now i feel nothing but pain. And if i give up in this pursuit, i'll be alone with all my demons. And She will be left with Hers, that i know and can fight, just as mine flee on the sound of Her name.
— Vincent

January 20 2015

January 06 2015

One day I will be worthy of you.
— Vincent

December 28 2014

I wrote my universe
— Vincent

December 22 2014

You asked me where do I not like you. Nowhere. There is no such universe. Here I just live in a one where you don't like me.
— Vincent

December 18 2014

- You're dead!
- I've been dead for a long time now.
- ... She killed you.
- No, I did it myself.
- How can you say so?
- Isn't throwing yourself at a wall of swords, a suicide? Don't tell me you still consider it putting up a fight.
— Vincent

December 09 2014

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